Legislation and Sample Recess Policies

Physical Activity Used as Punishment - This position statement addresses the inappropriate use of or withdrawal from physical activity as a disciplinary consequence, both within and outside of the school environment.

Arizona HB2037 - Minimum Recess and Lunch Periods - Requires school districts to provide 30 minutes of recess daily in addition to a minimum 20 minute lunch period to each pupil in grades one through six.

Michigan Board of Education Learning Policy - Public schools should offer daily recess periods of physical activity for all elementary and middle school students and offer PE programs that promote physical activities for all students.

New Recess Legislation Enacted in 2005-2007 - Summary of recess legislation in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and legislation considered in Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

States That Require or Recommend Regularly Scheduled Recess - State Physical Education Questionnaire "Does your state education agency require or recommend that elementary schools provide regularly scheduled recess?"

Tacoma School District Recess Policy - Encourages that in addition to required health, nutrition and fitness education, consideration should be given to a 15-minute recess in addition to the lunch recess.

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