Eagle View adds Educational and Fun Games


One of the parking lots at Eagle View Elementary School will serve a much bigger purpose this school year.

The parking lot where school buses drop off and pick up students will now be used for Eagle View's Peaceful Playground program.

Colorfully painted games now adorn the formerly unadorned lot, including a number and alphabet line, four-square and bean bag tosses, and it will eventually have a map of the United States.

"The best thing about the these games is that they are both educational and fun at the same time. A teacher can bring their class out and use the number line in a math lesson or the map in a geography lesson," said Deanne Trottier, a second-grade teacher at Eagle View and a member of the Playground Committee.

The whole concept of the Peaceful Playground is to give students more options for guided playtime as opposed to a completely unstructured recess.

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