Joint Use Equals More Opportunities to Be Active

Do you think school playgrounds should be open after hours for public use? Does your community need more practice space for youth sports teams? Would you like to take your child/grandchild to the local school playground instead of across town to a public park?

If you support this type of change check out the new website and information on Joint Use Agreements where community agencies and schools share their facilities. Newsletter sign up for Joint Use.

Here's one such example of a joint use agreement.
San Marcos: City, school district reach agreement on shared facilities

by Andrea Moss, North County Times
June 13, 2009

The city and the San Marcos Unified School District are making what was little more than a handshake deal official. The two agencies have been sharing their sports fields, gyms and other facilities with each other on an informal basis for years. In recent months, however, city and school officials sat down to work out a joint-use agreement that puts the sharing arrangement in writing.