Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sling Backpacks May Lead to Back Injuries

School bags slung on one shoulder may be "styling" as children often say, but an expert has warned that this may cause a severe back injury.

According to Professor Gregory Kolt, a physiotherapist and health psychologist from the University of Western Sydney said that a bag slung over one shoulder can catastrophically affect the spine of school children.

He said that humans are designed to be symmetrical and a poorly fitted backpack or heavy load can instantly cause a muscle fatigue.

"Carrying a load unevenly in bag slung over one shoulder or a poorly fitted backpack throws out this balance, places strain on muscles and can cause serious damage which can continue into adulthood," a newspaper quoted Prof Kolt, as saying.

It is necessary to have a backpack that is correct in size for the wearer, holds the load against the back, with a semi-rigid bottom panel, padded shoulder straps and panels against the back.