$75.655 million in PEP (Physical Education Program) 2008 grants

The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA) has announced that $75.655 million in PEP (Physical Education Program) grants will be awarded this calendar year (2008). This represents a $3 million increase from the amount distributed in 2007.

Peaceful Playgrounds
, , and WE Count Pedometer Walking Programs have been supported across the nation through submission of the PEP Grant Application. Additionally, Peaceful Playgrounds has a PEP Grant writing support page with tips, hints and language for getting your PEP Grant funded.

According to SGMA, for the third consecutive year, Congress rebuffed the President's desire to eliminate PEP at a time when the Department of Education's budget was targeted for cuts.

Since the initial PEP grants in 2001, more than $400 million in PEP grants have been awarded to school districts and community based organizations. PEP funds have successfully enhanced K-12 physical education and community based organizations' physical activity programs across the country. PEP grants are used for professional development training; equipment (balls, bean bags etc), and Physical Education curriculum like Fundamental Movement and recess programs that increase children's physical activity levels like Peaceful Playgrounds and the We Count Walking Program which earned national recognition for After School Promising Practices .