Playing with Danger: Germy Playgrounds

All cities tested had bacteria on their playgrounds. (Good Morning America)

Tierno said the testing uncovered so many germs because of the time of year. Combining hot, humid weather and lots of visitors is a recipe for growth, experts say.

Of all the cities tested, Chicago's playgrounds had the heaviest bacteria growth followed by Phoenix, according to the NYU analysis.

New York City's Battery Park had the fewest germs.

And though the swabbing turned up a variety of germs, Tierno said many of them won't harm people.

"Most don't hurt us, but it's the few that do hurt us that justify our concern," he said.

Protecting Children

One way to protect children from germs and illness is by making them wash their hands, especially before eating. Also, nature helps get rid of germs. The sun's ultraviolet light kills bacteria. So, equipment that sits in the shade are more likely to have bacteria.

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