When Physical Activity is Fun, Kids Get it Done.

A little something is better than nothing. Adults often think that the "all or nothing" approach to movement demands 30 minutes of physical activity a day or their wasting their time. However, anyone working with children know that their activity level can best be described volleying between "bursts of energy" and bouts of rest. Teach children that if they don't have a 30-minute "chunk" of time to move, three 10-minute bouts or six five-minute bouts offer similar benefits. Walking to school can make a big difference and why not start a school walking program? They are easy to administer and students reap positive health outcomes. Every step adds to better health.

Enjoy the cadence below that is a part of our We Count Pedometer School Walking Program. Start your school walking program today.

The We Count Walking Program is an innovative new program designed to get kids fit with the slogan, “Get Fit, Don’t Sit”.

The “We Count” Walking Program comes complete with teacher materials to support cognitive development in the areas of physical activity, nutrition and concepts related to combating obesity.

Up in the Morning at the Break of Day
Up in the morning at the break of day
Countin steps and loving play

Running on the track when the sun don't shine
For movin makes me feel so fine!

Up in the morning and out on the track
Grab my shoes and step like that

Running cross the grass in the morning dew
Looking good and feeling it too.

Up in the morning with a whistle and a yell
Movin’s great I fell swell

Teacher says hey move your feet
Walkin the track a morning treat.

I like movin and I feel fine.
Even when doing double time.

Copyright Peaceful Playgrounds, Inc. 2006