Adults getting a kick out of kickball

Hatched by a bunch of buddies in Washington, D.C., in 1998, the World Adult Kickball Association has set up at least 32,000 co-ed teams in cities in 23 states.

"Choosing a low-skill, low-tech game like kickball as a social magnet is genius," according to Richard Southall, an assistant professor of sport and leisure management at the University of Memphis. "It is probably a reaction to the way some recreational sports have evolved into competitions that can even erupt in violence." Sociologists of late have focused on the need for good, old-fashioned play instead of organized sports, Southall said.

"Maybe that's what this kickball thing is," he said, "the balance between play and sport."

Howell, a kickball player from CA, figures his circle of friends has doubled since he started playing last year. "To be be honest, the social aspects are what keeps me coming back," said Howell, who also plays recreational softball. "It really is more social than athletic and men and women can play kickball together very easily."

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