Tips for painting your playground

How long will the paint last on my playground?

In typically sunny areas like California, where it rarely rains approx 5-7 years.
In typically rainy & snowy areas anywhere from 3-5 years. If you are putting salt down or snow plowing/shoveling the area...It can cause some paint removal and may need to be touched-up annually.

Tips for making your paint stay:

The best way to prepare your playground for a paint day is to power wash it before your paint day. Approximately 1 day ahead or if it's the day of, make sure it's a warm day where the water will dry fast.

Second make sure you buy professional quality stripers' paint. Pronounced stripe - ers. Not like a dancing girl. Stripe ers paint comes in spray cans and gallons. We recommend primary colors. The paint is also called marking paint or parking lot paint. If possible a "contractor's quality paint is best and what we sell at Peaceful Playgrounds. For your convenience and based on customer feedback we now carry the paint machine and contractors quality spray paint.

We recommend you do the outside lines with your striping machine (spray cans) and fill in the game markings with gallon paint, either rolled on or brushed on.
Stripers paint will last the longest and you will use less paint on your paint day. Stripers paint is what the cities use to paint the signs or lines on roads, highways, freeways. It's also what is used to paint parking lots. If you have difficulties finding stripers paint in the gallon colors you are looking for, ask your local hardware store to mix you a "masonary" paint. They can make that in any color you like.

Also we recommend you watch out for wildlife when painting:

*We take feedback seriously, please let us know if there's anything we can do to make your paint days easier!

**Please remember to take pictures and video of your paint day and we will feature you on the home page as well as The Recess Blog...We will even send a free gift to show our appreciation!

Here's a sample of a video of a paint day filmed by a local news station.