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Grab this set of Thanksgiving Brain Break Cards that are sure to motivate active learning. Brain Breaks help to focus children, re-energize them, and calm them for learning.Check out our other Digital Downloads.   Free Downloads are available for one week.
Chicago Elementary School Implements a Distancing Playground by Peaceful Playgrounds
A Chicago Catholic School, St. Viator is trying to keep children safe with a new Socially Distanced Playground. Coverage by Channel 7 News Chicago.
Kids will love this Halloween Roll 4 Fun & Fitness Board Game where they roll and land on exercise activities. You can play indoors or out in pairs or as a class. A great rainy day activity for indoor recess or physical education.Check out our other Digital Downloads.   Free Downloads are available for one week.
Don't miss this opportunity to train your staff at 50% for the next 30 days.  Playground Supervision can reduce injuries and liability.
As most of the nation head back to school facing triple-digit heat, schools face the challenges associated with outdoor recess and overheated classrooms. Principals and physical educators will face daily decisions regarding children’s heat-health on the playground. In this article, we will review some information regarding different playground challenges and solutions to those problems. More...  
By Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.
Injury data indicates that approximately 45% of injuries on the playground can be attributed to either improper supervision on lack of adult supervision. Accordingly, even if this 45% of injuries were corrected by trained and active supervision, 55% of injures would still need to be addressed. Some injuries are a result of faulty or poorly maintained playground equipment. Other injuries are known as “accidents”. Acc…
Playgrounds serve to be a microcosm of the world where our kids learn important lessons. They are filled with students who are human.  Perfection may not be possible but the aspiration to create a peaceful playground is paramount.  We want our future generation to accept that everyone is invited to the party and we all [...]
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