Grant Writing for the Beginner Webinar Q & A


I will be writing grants for a small rural private school. There are so many grants I've seen that don't want to fund private or rural schools. Is there any tips for sorting through the huge mass of funding sources to find the one's we're eligible for?


It's true that finding grants for private schools is difficult. Peaceful Playgrounds is a resource that sorts through the mass of grants that are available and puts them together for you to access in a clear, clean, concise way for you to review. This information can be found in our Grants Newsletter that comes out on the 15th of the month EVERY month. All of the grants are corporate or foundation grants and typically there's about 5-6 grant opportunities in every newsletter. These grants are usually for physical activity or playground development.

We offer 3 resources:
1) Our grants newsletter
2) Our Grants Page
3) Templates for Peaceful Playgrounds & Fundamental Movement that you can download.