Body Parts ID and Relay

DescriptionEnjoy this set of 21 Brain Break Cards centered around various body parts and their movements. For example shoulders: shrug your shoulders, lift shoulders up to ears, roll shoulder back and can you make your shoulder blades touch in your back?

Twenty-one brain break cards with nearly 80 different body part activities.

Body part brain break cards include:
Large Group Fitness Games

DescriptionThis is a set of 5 large group fitness activities. Make fitness fun with these popular games that kids love. Great for warm up or physical education activities. Games include Peace Release, Let's Make a Deal, Four Corners, Moving Stars and All Over.

Great for grades K-6. Total Pages 24 pages Large Group Fitness Games Order LinkLink stays active for one week.Tell a Friend or Share on Social Media.
Pink Exercise Cards Free Download

DescriptionThe Peaceful Playgrounds set of Exercise Cards are easy to use and describe the exercises in the set, as well as, have an illustration for each task card. They are a great idea for brain break activities inside or perfect for warm-up exercises in physical education class held outside.The digital download provides instant access to the pdf format of 14 exercise cards and 14 posters of exercises that yo…
Secondary School Physical Education Labels

DescriptionThis set includes 35 equipment labels for secondary physical education.Playground Balls, Bean Bags,Soccer Balls, Basketballs,Volleyballs, Softballs, Scoops, Bats,Kick Balls, Jump Ropes Single, Long Jump Ropes, Scoops, Bases, Cones, Footballs, Hoops, Frisbee's, Golf, Football Flags/Belts, Tennis, Hockey, Shin Guards, Gloves, Loaner Shirts, Loaner Shorts, Locks, Shoes, Chest Protector, Task …
Elementary School P.E. Equipment LabelsDescriptionEnjoy this set of Elementary School Physical Education Equipment Labels. Set includes 31 illustrated labels with 5 blank labels to add in additional equipment. Print and laminate.Organize your equipment for ease is inventory, distribution and maintaining the equipment. Set includes: Playground Balls, Bean Bags,Soccer Balls, Basketballs, Volleyballs, Softballs, Kick Balls, Bats, Jump Ropes Single…