One of our schools put together this slide show on the Peaceful Playgrounds Approach and their results after implementing the program.

Peaceful playground approach from jarsenault3

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#PLAYGROUNDS FOR EVERYONE  maps 1300+ accessible playgrounds

 While it’s the most comprehensive resource available, the “Playgrounds for Everyone” app is still far from complete. NPR needs the public to identify more playgrounds, and share photos, info and tips for the ones already in the app. Get involved now at:
Advocating for quality health and physical education programs for every child in America just got a whole lot easier!  The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), partnering with Soft Edge, is thrilled to offer new and enhanced advocacy tools to members and anyone committed to children’s health.

Take a look at AAHPERD’s new advocacy webpage - AAHPERD Take Action - view key issues AAHPERD is monitori…
Results of the 2012 SHPPS released. Information on PE, Health, Recess, Physical Activity, Standards, etc.
Program/Grant: Aetna Foundation Regional Grants

Purpose:  Healthy activity – Programs that provide opportunities for physical activity in underserved communities.

Funding cycle: Check website – currently closes Sept 2013

Amount: $25,000-40,000

We concentrate our regional grant making in the following states, with particular emphasi…
Coming Fall 2013PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION: A How To Guide For Playground Supervisors The book will include:

Chapter 1 includes Featured Articles on: Playground Supervision Reduces Injuries, People Make a Difference on the Playground, Playground Supervision Accident or Injury, The Effects of Peaceful Playgrounds on Injuries and Playgrounds Can Be Safe: Injury Reduction.

Chapter 2 includes Tip Sheets for playground supervisors to take to the pla…
Peaceful Playgrounds Play Nice News and Grants.


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GEF and Gardener's Supply Company are calling on schools and youth groups to submit chronicles of their garden projects. The award is designed to support the continued sustainability of an exceptional youth garden program that has demonstrated success and has impacted the lives of kids and their community.

Eligibility: Existing garden programs involving children currently in grades K-12, from schools and youth groups nationwide.

Deadline: S…
Children who spent more time doing moderate or vigorous physical activity during school hours did not compensate for their extra exercise by reducing their activity levels at home, according to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Previous research has suggested that kids have a built-in "activitystat" that regulates the total amount of energy they expend (see Reuters Health story of May 7, 2009 here:…
I just love this photo my daughter sent me.  Wonder why?
The many benefits of physical education continue to grow.  A recent study by the Physical Activity Council shows that students who do not receive PE are more that twice as likely to be totally sedentary outside of school.

On the other hand, students who receive Physical Education are two to three times more likely to participate in sports and be active outside of school.

Clearly what happens in physical education can have a profound effect on t…
Any teacher knows that attention span is related to academic achievement.  Now a researcher has identified a link between physical activity and attention span.

A recent study out of the University of Granada has linked participating in physical activity with longer attention spans. Better cognitive abilities such as time perception were also higher in physically active participants. It has been generally known that physical activity lends …
Hello Melinda,

Our elementary school has been wanting a USA map for two years.  Finding the volunteers to help was the challenge.
Jason was looking for a project for his Eagle Scout badge.  The map turned out to be the perfect project.

Jason coordinate the volunteers and the school now has two amazing maps.  The maps make the whole playground look so much more colorful and creative.

Taylor Elementary school

Link to order U.S. Playgr…
Box Tops for Education

This is a great time to begin to plan for Box Tops for Education.

 Visit to enter and learn more!

A lawsuit against a public school district was filed in 2011 by a 7 year old student's mother.  Megan L. Chang-Ngaruiya, the attorney on the case, stated “This case was pursued by our clients to bring attention to the need for increased supervision of students." It is reported by website that McGee Elementary has settled for $150,000.

The lawsuit stated that playground supervision was inadequate for the following reasons:
Alice Smith Elementary School has added a colorful new component to its playground, but it’s not all just fun and games. Thanks to an HEF grant, donated paint, and the creative thinking of Smith’s guidance counselor Kristin Lutz, the playground surface is home to a wide variety of new painted stencils.

The stencils are the physical aspect of a ‘Peaceful Playground’ program. Painted this summer by PTO volunteers, the stencils may look simple enoug…
Monroe Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Ok.   The PTA painted a new Peaceful Playground for students when they return for the fall.  Nice design and beautiful colors add fun and excitement to the first day of school.