Basketball Activity Dice Game
DescriptionEnjoy this set of dice for indoor recess or physical education activities. Roll the number die for the number of repetitions to perform the basketball motion. Roll the basketball die to determine the basketball activity. Students take turns rolling the dice and can make up a sports motion like dribble with right and left hands.Students can make their own dice prior to playing the activity.----------------…
Shelter In Grace A Guide to Support Staff Wellness

This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, leaving many feeling confused and deeply frustrated, and the loss of loved ones has left many of us heartbroken. All of this is occurring within the context of the deep concern educators and health care staff have for the wellbeing of the students they serve. Given these highly troublesome times, it is essential to integrate more health and well-being…
Playground Choices Posters

DescriptionThese recess choices cards can remind students of the many choices of games and activities they have on the playground. Make a bulletin board of recess choices and encourage physical activity at recess. Activities include: swings, sandbox, jump rope, hopscotch, talk and walk, play on bars, be a buddy, hula hoop, kickball and so much more. Total Pages 13 pagesPlayground Choices Poster DownloadLink stays active …
REQUIRED RECESS: Under the law, schools are also not allowed to take away recess as punishment or for academic reasons. <
Playground Behavior ReportPeaceful Playgrounds, Inc.

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