What's on the K-12 agenda for states this year?  4 Takeaways.https://www.edweek.org/policy-politics/whats-on-the-k-12-agenda-for-states-this-year-4-takeaways/2024/01
Yoga Fortune Teller  A fortune teller is an origami used for children's games. Children love the hand games and choices inherent in the Fortune Teller Game. Use the YogaFortune Teller Game to determine the choice of yoga stands and the number of times to perform the stand.
This is a great activity for encouraging exercise in a fun manner. You can use the Yoga Fortune Teller for pairing 2 kids for exercise or use one fortune teller in front o…
Cold Weather Tips are seven (5" x 7") posters on how to keep warm during an outdoor recess. Posters include wearing layers you can take off as the day warms up, putting on your hat and mittens on cold days, and wearing a winter scarf to keep you warm.
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