Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution: Sign the Petition

by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Jamie Oliver also known as the Naked Chef has found purpose and meaning in his life above and beyond his chef skills. Mr. Oliver is campaigning for kids with a new project called the Food Revolution. He is working on bringing awareness about food back into the lives of every person. He has been filming a TV series in Virginia about food – how families eat, what kids get at school and why, the diet of processed food and snacks is causing so many health and obesity problems.

Sign his petition . "We want to make sure every kid gets good, fresh food at school. It's proven that real food promotes more effective learning. If you want better health for your kids the junk food must go. I need to be able to show The President and industry how many of you out there really care about this issue so please don't wait, sign up today. It will only take 30 seconds."

After that visit his page of resources for schools:

More resources for healthy lunches for schools. The Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper has created a fantastic resource for schools with loads more recipes and guidance at The Lunch Box