Physical Activity

Peaceful Playgrounds has a variety of physical activity programs for schools and parks.

Peaceful Playgrounds Program

Are you tired of playground arguments and confrontations? Post recess discipline issues steal away a principal’s time and classroom teaching opportunities.  Principals across the nation have turned to the Peaceful Playgrounds Program for over 20 years to solve these problems. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program is in over 8000 schools across the nation which attests to its effectiveness in solving problems like bullying, playground arguments, and playground confrontations. The Peaceful Playgrounds Program is an inexpensive physical activity program that improves recess and overall school climate before, during, and after-school programs.  Best of ALL children love the colorful transformation provided by the 100 NEW games and activity choices on the playground.

Walking and Jogging Track

Peaceful Playgrounds new Walking and Running Track is great for getting kids moving and perfect for those days when it is too wet to run out on the field. The track was designed for schools that rarely have the benefit of designated running space. Some schools have put the track on the perimeter of the blacktop playground and others have added it to a large square on one portion of the playground. It also gives the local community a place to exercise.

Fitness Trail                                                                                                                                             

             FFZT Knees

The Fitness Fun Zone  Fitness Trail has 24 stations that can be configured to meet your needs.  You can make a huge 24 station fitness trail utilizing all 24 station stencils or 2 smaller 12 station trails.
The 12 jump rope stations include: Bell, Basic jump, skier, and straddle cross jumping to name a few.
The permanently painted fitness trail stations mean you won’t be carrying those large orange cones out to the playground with station cards that fly away and get lost.

Physical Activity Court

A new physical activity program includes a permanent physical activity court and a trail that is painted on the playground. Unlike a fitness trail that requires expensive outdoor equipment stations, the physical activity court is a low-cost, easy to implement, and can be added to existing space or the perimeter of an asphalt area. Another benefit is the elimination of carrying bulky cones and mats to the playground for stations which instead, are painted stations immediately ready for student and community participation.
A variety of activities keeps participants motivated and interested in challenges that are sequenced to progress in difficulty as participants rotate around the court or trail.