The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation published on Feb. 17, 2017 an Issue Brief on "Building a Culture of Health Through Safe and Healthy Elementary School Recess."  A safe and healthy recess promotes a Culture of Health in schools by providing students time to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and academically according to the Issue Brief.

This brief was based on Playwork's TeamUp program which offers schools a site-coordinat…
One Minute Tip Playground Games

This video Is about the topic of age-appropriate playground games.

It is very important that children have age appropriate games for the playground.  If the games are age appropriate then you can expect:
1. Children will have the best chance at successful participation.
2. Children will be challenged but not frustrated.
3. Students will enjoy the game and engage in games with other students.

Age Appropriate games …
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Marching Brain Break Cards 

Grab this set of Marching Brain Break Cards that’s sure to motivate active learning. Brain Breaks help to focus children, re-energize them and get them up and moving in a classroom. Students have fun with this Marching “themed” set of 8 brain break cards. Some examples include: March like a soldier, March like a Pirate with a Peg Leg, March Like a Skater and March like a Rock Star.

Printable v…
One Minute Playground Tip
Adding a Walking and Jogging Track with Playground Stencils

1.This video is about the benefits of adding a walking/jogging track to the outside of your playground.
2.One of the least expensive ways of encouraging physical activity in schools is to add a walking and jogging track.  You can do this with a little paint and a few stencils representing one of the least expensive physical activity interventions.
3.Peaceful P…
One-Minute Playground Tip FREEZE BELL
This one minute -playground tip video is about the benefits
of a Freeze Bell when recess ends.
Our research indicates that 43% of student injuries (on the
playground) occurred when students were going to and coming from the
playground.So the solution we put In to
place was to institute a freeze bell where when the recess bell rang.
We instituted another procedure that when the playground
supervisors blew th…
California School Wellness Initiatives with a 2017-2018 School Grant
Information from California Action for Healthy Kids-Katia Ahmed
Calling all California schools. Does your school need funding for school health and wellness initiatives?  Need help with your application? Contact your state coordinator, Katia Ahmed, to help you submit a successful application.
Apply for a Game
On ($500 or $1,000), Game On for Parents ($500 or $1,000) and/or School B…
Congratulations to the March 2017 winners of the U.S. Map Stencil Giveaway! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Beginning January 2017 we will select 2 U.S. Map Contest Winners Monthly! Enter to win below.Karen Rohrer PE Teacher  Saranac Elementary  Saranac MI  Kristen Cannon Asst. Principal Canterbury Elementary Crystal Lake, IL
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Play Nice Newsletter March 2017

Topics include:
Mom's Fight for recess
March Download- St. Patrick's Day Fortune Teller Game
U.S. Map Contest Winners
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