Bonnie Plants delivers millions of free cabbage plants each year to students in third grade classes throughout the country. The program offers students a chance to get a unique, hands-on gardening experience through growing colossal cabbages, reaping hefty harvests, and holding high hopes to win “best in state” and receive a $1,000 scholarship towards education from Bonnie Plants.
Playground injury suit claims the school failed: 1) to intervene in improper use of playground equipment, 2) inadequate supervision, and 3)  lack of procedures in place to ensure safety. A 14 year old boy and his father are suing a Catholic School charging negligence related to the incident in which a 6th grade student fell from a play structure platform.  Link to entire article:…
This is a beautiful picture that we received from an Eagle Scout Project.  I love the Honor Guard in the picture along side the beautiful job Michael did on the U.S. Map Stencil Project.

Link to U.S. Map Stencil and the World Map Playground Stencil for purchase.  We give a discount to Girl Scout Troops and Eagle Scouts for their projects to schools.

You can also Enter the U.S. Map Stencil Contest and win a stencil for free. 

Instructions for pain…
Rite Aid Foundation

The Rite Aid Foundation is offering funding to nonprofit organizations that focus on children's health and wellness in the communities in which Rite Aid operates. Benefit your entire community by improving children's health—past recipients have used the grants for everything from disability services assistance to fitness initiatives. The Foundation accepts proposals throughout the year and the next deadline is October …
News  Events for Let's Move Cities, Towns and Counties

16 July    Webinar: How to Achieve the LMCTC Goals in Mid-Sized Cities

21 Aug    Webinar: How to Achieve the LMCTC Goals in Large Cities

1-3 Oct    2013 National Walking Summit in Washington, D.C.

12-14 Nov    National Summit on Your City's Families in Seattle, WA

13-16 Nov    Congress of Cities and Exposition in Seattle, WA
The report: Educating the Student Body Taking Physical Education and Physical Activity to School reports on the importance of these three activities in a well rounded education.

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Free posters and resources from the USDA to teach students about nutrition.

Recess Improvement

A better recess.

Recess Before Lunch Materials

Children should return to playing old fashion games according to a psychologist who claims old fashion games (like hopscotch) helps them to forget about how they look.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos said research has shown that children as young as five had anxieties over the way they look.  However, playing traditional games like hopscotch, rounders and tag give them confidence in their bodies, she said.

In a recent report, Physical Activity and Bod…
Now that school is out, there’s no access to the School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs.

The USDA’s Summer Food Service Program can help fill the nutrition gap and reduce the risk of hunger for low-income children up to 18-years-old. Parents can call  1 866 3 HUNGRY, or 1 877 8 HAMBRE (for Spanish speakers) to speak to a live operator to find out where in their communities kids can get nutritious meals.

More information here on Sum…
Is Your Child Getting Enough Exercise? infographic