This set of 16 Instructional Cards are great for teaching vocabulary for the game of baseball. The instructional cards provide the name and picture of various baseball terms and equipment for the sport.

Cards include Bat, Helmet, Playing Diamond, Baseball, Base Runner, Batter, Cap, Baseball Cap, Catcher, Base Runner, Player, Trophy, and Baseball Uniform. The cards can also be used when teaching proper safety gear and its purpose.

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Ten markings for teaching physical education or recess.  Game Markings include Ladder, Vari-Beam, Block Walk, Midline and Crossover Walking Grids, Beam, Hopscotch, Beanbag Toss, Alphabet and Number Grids. Please note-  Stencils are full size and made of paper to keep costs down. All stencils arrive complete with full game rules and lots of activity suggestions. Physical Education Roll Out Stencil Set Game Markings from P.E. Stencil Set

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Kids will love this Christmas Board Game where they roll and land on exercise activities. You can play indoors or out in pairs or as a class. A great rainy day activity for indoor recess or physical education.

This is a SAMPLE GAME in the Physical Education and Classroom Party Games Series. This Xmas Board Game is a sample of one of the many Christmas Games and Activities in the Series.

Christmas PE and Classroom Party Games contains 8 games: Cand…
Six of our more popular markings for getting children involved in recess games are included in the Recess Roll Out Stencil Set.  When kids are involved in games, you have fewer problems.  Game Markings include Hopscotch, Number Line, Multi-Use Circle, Four Square, Ball Hopscotch, and Target. Please note-  Stencils are full size and made of paper to keep costs down. All stencils arrive complete with full game rules, lots of activity suggestions,…
This is a set of 14 Brain Break Exercise Cards with a Christmas Theme. The cards include activities like: Walk around the room shaking hands and saying “Happy Holidays”, walk on hands and feet like a reindeer and Elf warm up with jumping jacks. Great activities for Brain Breaks, indoor recess and Physical Education on rainy or snow days. Add any Christmas song to get kids up and moving.

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The Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program
The Peaceful Playgrounds Recess Program is our most popular item.  Peaceful Playground Program Kit, Equipment Companion Package, Recess Roll Out Stencils, Instructional Games DVD Series, School Set Activity Guides, Stripping Machine, and White Outlining Paint, (Adding color to game markings is optional and an additional purchase). Site License, Staff Webinar and more….  Considered the standard in K-6 play…
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Fall Brain Break Cards
Set Includes
Apple Picking
Acorn Toss
Wheel Barrel
Hot Cocoa
Pumpkin Hop
Black Bird Boogie
Fall Fun Run

The benefits of brain breaks…
1. Improve focus
2. Motivate students
3. Re-energize students for learning
4. Rainy day & The benefits of brain breaks…
5. Just plain fun!

Body Parts Brain Break Activities

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