Most kids will say that "walking is boring,"  but when you add incentives like step logs, motivational lessons, a cadence CD and certificates you're sure to get your students attention.

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Small steps matter.

Small steps can bring about positive effects on your brain—without an Olympic effort. How? Walking. A new study indicates that adult seniors who walked three or more times a week resulted in brain growth which enhanced memory.

So now we know. Exercise isn't only good for kids but results in similar benefits for young and old alike. Get walking.
Each morning about 450 students walk to school in a zero school bus lead by a walking "driver" in Italy. Also know as the "piedibus" which means literally "foot bus" in Italian the concept is catching on and spreading in Europe.

More on the Walking School Bus.
When Florida legislators passed a law last year requiring 150 minutes of physical education a week some administrators decided to get "creative." They began counting walking to and from lunch as physical education minutes.

No way says legislators and health experts who pointed out that using the time it takes to walk across campus between classes was a "stretch" at best. But since the law that went into effect last year didn…