American Academy of Dermatology: Shade Structure Program

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Shade Structure Program gives grants for the purchase of permanent shade structures designed to provide shade and ultraviolet (UV) ray protection for outdoor areas.

AAD also provides a permanent sign to be displayed near the shade structure that promotes the importance of sun safety.

Maximum award: $8,000.

Eligibility: nonprofit organization or pub…
Health: Childhood games revived to encourage outdoor play

By Beth Gollob
Published: NEWS OK

For many adults, hopscotch and jump rope seem like games every child should know.

But with a computer or video game system in nearly every household, outdoor physical activity has become increasingly rare during the past decade, said Wendy Jones, executive director of the child wellness advocacy group Schools for Healthy Lifestyles.

"These are just things…
A "walk in the park" may be just what the teacher ordered. A recent study suggests that walking in nature might actually benefit your brain.

The study published in Psychological Science and conducted by University of Michigan researchers, found that when people spent time in nature, as opposed to an urban environment, their attention and memory improved. The authors argue that nature captivates people’s involuntary attention while all…
These tips come from the National Wildlife Federation. Be Out There™ - the National Wildlife Federation's initiative to inspire families across America to open the door and get outside! A daily dose of the outdoors improves children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being. Join the Be Out There movement to get children outside, connecting to nature. The benefits of outdoor play are real: healthier kids with a life-long appreciation of w…