Body Parts ID and Relay

DescriptionEnjoy this set of 21 Brain Break Cards centered around various body parts and their movements. For example shoulders: shrug your shoulders, lift shoulders up to ears, roll shoulder back and can you make your shoulder blades touch in your back?

Twenty-one brain break cards with nearly 80 different body part activities.

Body part brain break cards include:
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Physical Activity: What is it? Why is it so important?  What is physical activity and why is it important?
Physical activity is any bodily exercise that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health or wellness.  We think of physical activity as burning energy or calories. For health benefits, physical ac…
This blog post is written by Paul Rosengard consultant to the Peaceful Playgrounds Foundation.  Follow Paul at  @paulrosengard

Today's physical education teachers, youth leaders, coaches and parents are so lucky!

Before and after I began teaching/coaching in the 70's, I would have to drive to a library to view the only resources available to me at the time, books and magazines. Navigating my way through the Dewey decimal system, I'd …
Physical Activity on Campus — Here, There, and Everywhere by Paul Rosengard-Guest Blogger Part 4
Time to fire up the ole’ jalopy and finish our ride down Route 60-6! But before we merge into traffic, let’s make sure everyone is on board. Have YOU read Parts 1, 2, and 3? If not, just scroll down – you won’t need a GPS to find them… Where are we headed?

A place where every K-12 student engages in 60+ minutes of physical activity every day. And,…
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How to improve recess.
A big part of rest…
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Physical Education Physical education guidelines for healthier, happier, longer and more productive living

International Guidance: UNESCO Quality Physical Education Guidelin…
Is physical education in a "sorry" state as suggested in the infographic above?  I'll let you decide.

So what do you think?
Are You an Enterprising PE Teacher? SHAPE America is seeking enterprising educators who are interested in teaching their ideas, subjects, or strategies to other professionals during a 1 hour webinar.

• These webinars will be a part of our professional development opportunities offered on Tuesdays in 2015.

• According yo SHAPE the challenge to you is to create and submit a proposal for a 1 hour webinar presentation.

• The proposal must share a…
BOKS is excited to announce that Reebok and The Reebok Foundation are awarding $1,000 to up to 300 schools for the 2014/2015 school year! These Activation Grants are intended to help get kids moving in a fun way to wake up their bodies for a day of learning with BOKS.

BOKS Lead Trainers who sign the BOKS pledge are invited to apply for the BOKS Activation Grant to support the launch of BOKS in their elementary schools.…
Through partners CSX Transportation, Kellogg Company, and the Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund, (and more!) Action for Healthy Kids is pleased to release its School Grants for Healthy Kids opportunities for the 2014-2015 school year.

Funding:  1000 schools will receive awards between $500 -$5000

Purpose:  To support school breakfast and physical activity programs

Should attend a webinar if applying: Thursday, March 20, 2014 – 3:00-4:00pm …
As childhood obesity rates continue to climb public heath agencies and researchers are looking at the value of recess in terms of children's energy expenditure.  In other words, "Is fun enough when it comes to recess games or should we be emphasizing active play games and activities?"

To find out the answer to that question, researchers from Children's Hospital Boston's Clinical Research Program and UMass Amherst are …
Physical Activity, School Gardens & Childhood Obesity Programming Healthy Schools (CO) Foundation  The focus of the Healthy Schools program is to expand the number of public schools and preschools that have health and nutrition education, physical education, healthy food in cafeterias and vending machines, opportunities for physical activity, and health care services.

Award amounts vary. Nonprofit organizations and public agencies l…
Physical Activity in Schools - Webinar
Live Webinar Join us for a live webinar on October 9th at 9a.m. PST 
This physical activity programming in schools webinar is with Judy Lo Bianco, who is the Supervisor of Health, Physical Education and Nursing Services at the
South Orange-Maplewood Schools in New Jersey. She is also the 2013 Physical Education Administrator of the Year (NASPE).  
In addition to talking about physical activity programming,…
This is a fun activity for the month of October to get a little movement into your lessons.  Kids love it! 

Musical PE Plus is another website with lots of PE activities using theme music for the holidays.  Plus it is the website of our Master Trainer, Carrie Flint.
Results of the 2012 SHPPS released. Information on PE, Health, Recess, Physical Activity, Standards, etc.
National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education

The goal of physical education is to develop physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.

To pursue a lifetime of healthful physical activity, a physically literate individual:

*   Has learned the skills necessary to participate in a variety of physical activities.

*   Knows the implicati…
And I quote................

"It’s just gym, huh?

"Well think again. It’s the only subject I know of that directly reduces a kid’s long-term risk of heart failure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, several cancers, and obesity — and at the same time enhances fitness, cognitive function, self-esteem, teamwork, and overall good health.
Like it or not, the truth is, if we keep cutting PE out of our schools and physical activity out of o…
In 1990 the state of Georgia introduced a statewide physical education requirement.

A recent study indicates that state laws mandating physical education minutes matters. "One study of kindergarteners to fifth graders across the U.S. found that physical education (PE) classes lowered body mass index (BMI) scores and reduced the probability of obesity among fifth graders. An additional hour of gym time lowered BMI for all children in th…