Fitness Fun Zone Program Kit$2,999.99
Physical Activity Kit

This physical activity kit contains: Jump Rope Activity Stencils, Fun Zone Stencils, Jump Ropes, Beanbags, Dice, Nutritional Cards, Activity Manual, Blueprints, Music CD, Instructional DVD, Paint Machine, Storage Backpack & Skillastics Activities Kit. Fitness Fun Zone Painted on School Campus
Sample Exercise Course Stencil

Sample Jump Roping Stencil
Game pieces and parts

This image provided by USA Football shows a flag football kit, including footballs and flag belts.

The NFL wants to boost flag football participation by providing kits to a half-million youngsters.

A program being announced Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, by Commissioner Roger Goodell will supply elementary schools and after-school programs nationwide with equipment and instruction.

Six cities are targeted as focal points this year: Chicago, Da…