Back to School: Covid-19 Solutions


Peaceful Playgrounds has a multitude of resources for returning to school during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our priority is keeping students physically active while also keeping them safe by minimizing contact with others and equipment. Recess and PE still has a place in school and is important for students' daily life.

Covid Recess & PE Products

Social Distancing Playground

The 6’ Distancing Playground is a modified outdoor space so that children can maintain the 6-foot distancing guidelines when supervised properly by school staff.  Supervising recess has been necessary for the past, but it has become more important as we go forward.

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K-6 No Equipment Activities Set

The pack of activities includes activities appropriate for any playground and specifically for COVID-19 activities where the use of equipment is not recommended in schools.  This set of digital files.  The activities can be played on the Distancing Playgrounds developed by Peaceful Playgrounds on most of the game markings.

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“Make It” No Equipment Indoor Activities for PE/Recess

This set of indoor activities is perfect for the COVID-19 situation where students shouldn’t share equipment.  Each student can make their own Fortune Teller or Activity Dice. The set of  14 Fortune Tellers and 6 Activity Dice Sets.

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Preschool – Gr 2 No Equipment Activity Pack

The pack of activities includes 2 layouts for a Kindergarten or preschool playground specifically.  The activities can be played on any playground and work nicely with the COVID-Playground since they were being developed so that no equipment is required.

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Sports Dice Activity Bundle

Great for Rainy Day or Snow Day Activities for indoor recess and the COVID environment: “each child has their own dice.” Roll the number dice for the number of repetitions to perform the various sports actions. Students take turns rolling the dice and leading football actions and exercise motions.  Sports include Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, outdoor games, and exercise dice.

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COVID-19 Safe Behaviors Posters

This is a set of 12 Posters representing safe behaviors during the COVID-19 environment.
Some behaviors include:   Wear a mask, keep 6 feet apart, wash your hands, use hand sanitizers don’t touch your face, stay off the playground equipment, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap, sanitize desk daily, clean computer screen, don’t spread germs and time to be kind.

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Free Webinars

Learn how to create a playground that really works in our Free Webinar!  Webinars are 45 minutes long with a 15-minute question and answer session. No special software is necessary.  Participate at your computer.  Phone conferencing setup is not necessary.

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