P.E. Activities: 11 Sets 524 Cards

A Year of Activities

Eleven Sets of PE ACTIVITIES ARE  Each  Set contains 48 PE Activities that allow a teacher to teach PE with a limited amount of equipment. Have you wondered, what can I do with 4 balls or just 4 jump ropes? Each set of activities gives you 48 different easy to implement, fun activities organized around an equipment theme, for example, hoop skills and activities for elementary school children.

No time for prep? No problem! Just grab a set of the PE Activities cards and head to the playground for a fun experience.

Themes included in the COMPLETE 11 sets are hoops, small balls, large balls, dots, soccer balls, ropes, bean bags, balloons, cones, and two no equipment needed sets of cards for social skills and drama activities.

THIS IS THE COMPLETE SET of PE Activities and Themes which includes a total of 524 activity cards and is available at a discounted Bundle Price.

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