Parachute K-5 Games & Activities


Kids Love, Love, Love parachute play in grades Preschool-Grade 5. This pack of 20 parachute games comes with activity cards on each of the 20 games/activities.

Parachute activities can get a little wild without proper management techniques, therefore, we have included some Parachute Rules to enforce during parachute play.

20 Activities include: Shake the Rug, Make Wind,  Exercise-Skipping, Billow A Cloud,  Exercise Stretch, and Curl, Exercise Curl and Stretch, Throw the Parachute in the Air, Firefighter Catch Circle, Toss a Cloud, Circle the Chute, Toss a Ball, Ocean Waves, Ghost City, Dragon,  Chute Trap, Popcorn, Snake Pit, Number Exchange, Fox and Squirrel  and Hole in One.

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