Lunch Room Brag Tags

Brag Tags are a great way to motivate students in a variety of areas. All ages love earning Brag Tags from Kindergarten through High School.

I recently gave out Hamilton Brag Tags to a music group after performing the much-loved musical. The Hamilton Brag Tag was on a 1-inch ring and when the brag tags ran out, high schoolers and middle schoolers alike came to ask for one. Some students wanted them as a memory keeper and many girls immediately put the ring on their purse showing their brag tag. My granddaughter shared it is a good conversation starter in Middle School, especially when displaying her musical accomplishments.

Students find a variety of ways to display their Brag Tags. Besides displaying them on a belt loop, a backpack or a purse, some students want to keep them in a pencil box or in a small box and start a collection. An old plastic card box works great for this. Yet other students put them on a necklace-type ring and wear them around their neck.
I don’t keep track of Brag Tags and how many each student receives. It is amazing how popular these small rewards become and it never seems to wear off. You can give them out on-the-spot when a student earns one or at the end of the week in a short presentation.

Brag Tags will soon be available for the lunchroom, recess, counselor, librarian, computer lab, music class, band, art class, physical education, sports teams, leadership, SEL, afterschool and so many more. Check back often to view the latest brag tags as they become available.
1.Waited to Be Excused
2.Waited to Be Excused
3.Healthy Student-boy
4.Healthy Student-Girl
5.Lunch Room Clean Up
6.Lunch Room Clean Up
7.Threw out trash
8.Threw out trash
10.Followed directions
11.Followed Directions
12.Stopped Talking
13.Healthy Choices Meal
14.Healthy Choices Fruit
15.Clean Up Lunch Box
16.Clean Up Lunch box
17.Enters Quietly
18.Enters Quietly girl
19. Put Away Lunch Pail
20.Put away Lunch Pail
21.Patient in Line
22.Patient in Line
23.Raised Hand to be Excused
24.Raised Hand to be excused
25.Raised hand to be excused
26.Cleaned Up
27.Returned Lunch Tray
28.Returned Lunch Tray
29.Talked Quietly
30.Talked Quietly Boy
31. Finished Lunch
33. Kind to Friends
34. Good Choices
35. Raised Hand to be excused
36. Good Choices
37.Good Student
38.Good Student
39.Well Done!
40.Well Done!
42.Good Choices
43.Kind to friends
44.Good Choices Girl
45.Good choices boy

Laminate, hole punch and cut out.  Distribute.

Order the complete set of lunch room brag tags on my Teachers Pay Teachers Site.
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