A Comprehensive Approach to Playground Design

This Playground Video looks at a comprehensive approach to designing your playground.

We followed a “Whole School Change Approach” to improve the playground.

The Whole School Change model  can be used to successfully change the physical environment of a school.  Changing the physical environment of a school is one of the most effective strategies for lasting change.  Designing the playground by adding painted games and markings is a cost effect environmental change strategy.

Consistent expectations for appropriate behavior are important both inside the classroom and also outside on the playground is important for school-wide change.  Establishing rules for safe play is of critical importance to a smooth running playground.  Teaching students a consistent set of game rules is also important and will cut down on playground confrontations.  We learned that many playground confrontations are due to students playing by different game rules.

Having the equipment to play on the playground is of utmost importance.  Otherwise, even if children want to be active and involved in games they don’t have the tools to do so.  Painted game markings add exponentially the number of games children can engage in. The more engaged in gameplay the students are,… The fewer problems staff and administrators will have.

Consider that painting games on the blacktop offer some improvement to children’s behavior on the playground, however, the other elements of the whole school change model are important to bring about lasting change.  

Thank you for attending this one-minute playground tip on A comprehensive approach to playground design.   We hope you join us again and check out our YouTube Channel for other playground tips.