Bullying Prevention: Teachers need training

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying has become national epidemic, with enormous health implications for youth.

The good news is that teachers want to help stop bullying, but they don’t know how.  Most try to help, but few receive training on how to do so. (U.S. Dept of Education)

The Peaceful Playgrounds Bullying Prevention Training for Teachers covers the requirements of state policies or laws regarding teacher training in responding to bullying.  Surprisingly, however,   first teachers need to know what is and isn't bullying as most report that in some cases they do not know the difference.

Legislation in most states is very specific that teachers need training
on :
1. Defining Bullying
2. Understand what bullying is and is not.
3. Know how to respond to bullying
4. Know specific strategies for intervening in a bullying incident and the requirements for documenting bullying incidents.

Check out our Bullying Prevention Training for Teachers Course.
This course is designed to meet state bullying prevention training requirements for school staffs.  The course will:
1. define bullying as prescribed by law,
2. give an overview of state legislative requirements,
3. provide teacher and staff training on responding to bullying and
4. will give guidance to the district, school and staff responsibilities as defined by legislation.

The Bullying Prevention Course for teachers includes a quiz and a Professional Development Completion Certificate as well as, an Open Badge Certification are available upon passing the course quiz.