Physical Activity and the Brain

"Why Active Kids Make Better Learners"

“Physical activity has dramatic effects on individuals’ physical mental health,” according to Charles Basch in his report, Healthier Students Make Better Learners.

Put simply, educational outcomes are directly influenced by health. It is no surprise that students’ fitness levels continue to be low and obesity and overweight categories in youth continue to climb, presenting cascading and troubling trends toward overall student health and fitness. Is it any surprise that 8.4% of school age youth have been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

Physical Activity Recommendations

This, coupled with the knowledge that the majority of school–age students do not meet the CDC guidelines for 60 minutes of physical activity daily, should concern us all. While we pour money into new, innovative, and different perhaps it would be wiser to shore up what we know works: reinstating physical education and physical activity opportunities in schools.

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