Peaceful Playgrounds New Indoor Games for Recess and PE

Indoor Games for Recess & PE

Do you need ideas for indoor recess and physical education ?  Nearly a third of the people visiting our website are connecting with us looking for ideas for indoor recess and PE.  So many, in fact, that it was evident that more options were needed. 

When I was a principal I typically brought something special to the staff room for rainy days knowing that they were trying times for staff and students alike. Sure the first rainy day was exciting and welcomed initially but by the time children were cooped up inside from the rain.... frustrations ran high and tempers were often short.

Sound familiar?

I'm pleased to announce that we've been working on a solution to those trying rainy day experiences.  Peaceful Playgrounds Indoor Games for Recess and PE will be comprised of 10 sports related board games which will be out this spring. In fact, we are piloting them schools with students at this time.  Here's a sneak peek at  one of the more popular games.  Stayed tuned.

While you wait for the new Indoor Games for Recess and PE don't forget about our currently available 2 Go Games.  For the months of December and January the 2 Go Games for indoor recess and physical education are available at a 50% discount.  View the most recent Peaceful Playgrounds Newsletter for Coupon and Code for your discount. 
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