San Francisco Says No to McDonalds

Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

The City of San Francisco just banned giving toys with Childrens' Happy Meals citing they contain too much fat and sugar. Proponents of the legislation suggest that toys are the culprit of poor food choices for the young set.

According to the ban, if a restaurant wants to give out toys, they need to include fruits and vegetables with the meal. So "Mickey D's"...all that would be required is to remove the ever popular french fries and replace them with a fruit cup. I can tell you from first hand experience that my nieces prefer the fruit cup to the fries. Or better yet, connect with local farmers, transform your meals, and take down the waistlines of children world wide....

I agree with the state education board's Eric Mar, chief sponsor of the legislation whom said "This is a tremendous victory for our children's health!"

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