Let's Move: Cities & Towns

Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

Wouldn't having more money for physical education programs and bureaucratic support for getting kids fit be amazing?

Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign has another initiative she's kicking off. This initiative is called Let's Move Cities & Town's.

To become a prospective Let’s Move City or Let’s Move Town, mayors and elected officials can make an impact by:

1. Helping Parents Make Healthy Family Choices: Offer parents tools, support, and information to make healthier choices for their families.
2. Improving the Health of Schools: Promote healthier food in schools
3. Increasing Physical Activity Opportunities: Promote physical activity in your schools, city, or town
4. Making Healthy Food Affordable and Accessible: Eliminate food deserts in your community and improve the affordability of healthy food

If your mayor/city official gets on board and is equally committed to keeping the future of the city (children) in shape and healthy, the sky's the limit. You never know what connections, grant or policy funding may come your way.

Continue reading their tips and suggestions: Let's Move Cities & Town's.

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