The playground of the future. Oh yeah. It's available now.

A playground on steroids. A playground of the future. Active play interactions. The next big idea in playgrounds. Theses descriptions could all describe Icon.

This past week I observed a new playground structure called Icon by Kompan. But really, structure doesn't even begin to describe it. Think of a giant video game that challenges kids to move around a play structure as an active participant. Yes, panting as a result of quick agility requirements as students within the swirl structure try to be first to tag a blinking light or repeat a light sequence and so much more.

O.k. Now you need to see it. Here's the link to see a one minute video of Icon in action.

Icon was at the Olympics in Vancover last month and is part of the Kompan line of playground products. According to Kompan, "Physical Movement is the key feature of ICON games. The games set the tempo and guide the young people through a series of outdoor games which stimulate physical energy, interaction and competition."

Exciting, creative and fun. Just think of the possibilities. This is a new innovation to keep an eye on.