CA Obesity Summit: Gov/ Schwarzenegger Proposals

Gov. Schwarzenegger announced actions to fight obesity and promote healthy living on Wed at the CA Obesity Summit in Los Angeles.

“My top priorities include the health and well-being of our children and all Californians, and reducing obesity will help improve both,” said Governor Schwarzenegger.

“At the 2010 Summit on Health, Nutrition and Obesity, the link between fitness and educational success, the importance of making sure kids have healthy beverages and water available at school and the relationship between the environments that we live, work, study and play in and access to physical activities, like walking and riding bikes, and healthy food choices were topics for discussion. The Governor said he would take what was discussed at the Summit and turn it into state action goals that will attack obesity on every level and create a healthy foundation for California’s future.”

Obesity Summit actions to follow ......