Sunday, March 29, 2009

San Francisco JROTC Marching Orders Modified

San Francisco USD engaged in a two year battle in 2006 to phase out JROTC in it's schools by the 2008-2009 school year. The School Board resolution in 2006 stated the following reasons: 1. JROTC instructors are not certified or in some cases do not even possess a degree of any kind, 2) in a healthy demoncracy the restriction of military involvement in civilian affairs is fundamental, 3) SFUSD has adopted violence prevention and conflict resolution strategies that promote no-violent behavior, 4) no other potential employer or recruiter is given such high profile, such as extensive contact with students 5) JROTC is a district funded activity that requires public funding etc.........

However, the issue is SF is far from resolved. SF Assembly members Ma and Lieu introduced legislation AB 223 this session that would require the San Francisco Board of Education to make JROTC courses available to pupils under its jurisdiction in grades 9 to 12, inclusive. Earlier this week the the provision to allow JROTC credit for physical education was stricken from the bill. California Department of Education Advisories have long proclaimed that physical education credit should not be given to extra curricular activities like cheer leading, ROTC and drill team on the grounds that students would not experience the "course of study" necessary to meet state standards in physical education.