Is PE Necessary: The Army Thinks So

Is physical education a necessity? These's one agency that has a strong opinion on the matter. The military. With the nation at war the nation's fitness effects national security. The current situation is dire.

The Associated Press last week reported concerns over the number of overweight military applicants. The Defense Department told the AP over 47,000 recruits flunked induction physicals during the last four years.

How bad is the problem?

“I’d say that out of every 10 applicants that come in, probably three we couldn’t take -- they are obese” said Sgt. Darryl Bogan, a recruiter in Columbia, S.C. He estimated an additional 20 to 30 percent are slightly overweight but can still pass the physical. So dire is the situation that the Army is proposing a special camp for obese recruits.

Much of the blame lies with the neglect of physical education programs across the country. The erosion of physical education has many causes.

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