PE Campaign: For the Children

The nation's second largest school system (Los Angeles Unified School District) has launched a Physical Education Campaign: Helping Students Move More, Eat Well, Stay Healthy, Do Their Best in School.

Components of the Campaign include:

First, a 55:1 cap on class size. WOW. 55 students to one teacher??? This seems outrageous. How can one teacher teacher 55 students?

Second, twenty-a-day: enforce California Education Code which mandates an average of 20 minutes of physical education every day for elementary school students.

Third, a certificated PE instructor at every elementary school.

Given the facts reported below by the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) it seems the situation is at an alarming state.

At LAUSD’s South Gate High School, 1,600 children took the state Fitnessgram test and not one child passed. Forty schools did not have a single physically fit student. Less than 10% of students were physically fit in nearly one-third of the 605 schools in LAUSD. Only eight schools had student populations that are more than 50% physically fit.

These statistics spell out an alarming situation in which a school system is failing its students- miserably- inequitably- forgivingly......

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