Childhood Obesity Discussion

Given that physical activity not only keeps obesity at bay but generates a healthy and happy attitude, it’s surprising that more schools have not tried to harness the positive influence of physical activity within their educational program. Unfortunately, usually physical activity takes a back seat to other subjects regarded as more important.

Things have changed at home as well.

Prior to the digital age, children were forced to go out and play, unknowingly engaging in physical activity and oblivious to their body’s burning off of any unwanted calories. Full of energy, kissed by the sun, and eager to use their imagination, children played games of make-believe for hours on end with their friends, loathe to come in at evening time, to eat dinner with the family.

Compare that scenario to the lives of children today and there is a stark difference. Children nowadays are lethargic from excessive amounts of junk food eaten between meals. They spend hours upon hours watching television, and more often than not, eat their breakfast, lunch, or dinner in front of it – along with the rest of the family at various times that rarely coincide.

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