Presidents Cancer Panel Recommends Daily P. E.

The President's Cancer Panel calls for U.S. leaders to "summon the political will" to reduce Americans' cancer risks. It's the panel's job to tell the president how the nation's war on cancer is going. According to this year's report, it's not going very well at all.

Research continues to move forward — but thwarting major progress is the unhealthy lifestyles of millions of Americans.

Among the panel's recommendations for reducing cancer risks:
  • Encourage physical activity by helping communities build sidewalks, community centers, parks, and playgrounds.
  • Implement "fair food" policies similar to fair housing policies in order to improve urban communities' access to healthy foods.
  • Federal and state agencies should regulate and monitor food advertising targeted to children.
  • Reinstate and expand physical education in schools.
  • Employers should increase support for employee wellness programs.
  • Private and public health insurance should cover nutrition counseling and fitness programs.

  • The panels complete list of recommendations.