Physical Activity and Recess Requirements Other Than Physical Education

Physical Activity  and Recess Requirements Other Than Physical Education

The list below represents state recess requirements  and/or physical activity requirements and recommendations.  These requirements represent physical activity requirements in addition to time scheduled in physical education.


General Physical Activity Requirement: Act 317 (2007) requires 90 minutes of additional physical activity per week for grades K-6, which may include physical education in addition to the general physical education requirement, daily recess, or intramural sports.
Recess or Physical Activity Breaks: HR1023 (2008) urges school districts to provide a mid-morning and mid-afternoon recess of at least ten minutes for all students in grades K-6.


General Physical Activity Requirement: No state policy. However, Education Code 49432 (2001) allows every public school to post a summary of nutrition and physical activity laws and regulations, and requires the posting of the districts policies in all school cafeterias or other central eating area in public view.
Recess or Physical Activity Breaks: Code 33350 (1976) encourages districts to provide daily recess periods for elementary school students. CCR Title 5, Div 1, Chap 2, Subchap 1, Art 2, Sec 304 (no date available) requires every pupil to leave the room at recess “unless it would occasion an exposure of health.” CCR Title 5, Div 1, Chap 2, Subchap 1, Art 3, Sec 352 states that a student shall not be required to remain in school during intermission at noon, or during any recess.

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*Information from the National Association of State School Boards
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