The first step in developing a recess program is securing buy-in from the staff. It is crucial that your staff understands the importance of recess, and how it not only makes for a more well- rounded and healthy student, but how it actually enhances learning and academic performance. The American Academy of Pediatrics backs these statements with some research found here: 

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Why Bullying Programs Succeed or Fail?
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Bullying Prevention Content Library

Have you visited our Bullying Prevent Content Library lately?  It is full of resources that you will find help during October and Bullying Prevention Month.The Bullying Prevention Resources Library can be found here:

How to Respond to Bullying Poster 
Download this how-to respond to bullying poster for a bulletin board or print as a visual reminder for your staff.

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Elementary School Videos on Bullying PreventionBy Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer

It only takes one VideoWhat you can do when you’re bullied. Strategies that work videos.This article is a list of elementary school videos that focus on teaching children 1) What is bullying and 2) How to respond to bullying. Each video is under 5 minutes. Taken together, these videos reinforce the concepts around what students can do to stop bullying in school. A specific…
10 Children's Books on Bullying Preventionby Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.

Sometimes, a good book on bullying can go a long way. It can be inspiring, intriguing, and even teach about empathy. There’s a saying. “If you want to curb bullying teach empathy.” These 12 books are sure to accomplish those purposes and a lot more too. Help children to explore bullying solutions through books.Bullying Prevention Books-Contact us for a free copy of this …
by Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer
As temperatures continue to climb this summer and smoke from fires spread across various parts of the U.S., schools across the U.S. are beginning to explore long-term options for reducing heat and smoke exposure. One solution that is gaining popularity is the use of misting systemsThe heat reminds me of a time 20 years ago when I was a principal in Southern California and my school was located about 40 miles from Palm S…
The Benefits of Team Sports and Why Team Sports are Declining By Dr. Melinda Bossenmeyer

Reasons Team Sports Participation in Decline Did you know that participation in team sports has declined in recent years? According to the Aspen Institute, in 2018, only 38% of children participated in a team sport, down from 45% in 2008. There are a few reasons for this decline, including:The rising cost of youth sports. The cost of equipment, travel, and regi…