In addition to the U.S. Map Stencil we also sell the World Map Stencil. The world map can be used to teach continents and countries of the world. Each of the 5 continents can be outlined along with the major countries and larger bodies of water. Students can learn about history and geography with this map. The map kit forms a world map that is 26' by 36'.…
Our elementary school has been wanting a USA map for two years.  Finding the volunteers to help was the challenge.

Jason was looking for a project for his Eagle Scout badge.  The map turned out to be the perfect project.

Jason coordinate the volunteers and the school now has two amazing maps.  The maps make the whole playground look so much more colorful and creative.

Taylor Elementary school
This is a beautiful picture that we received from an Eagle Scout Project.  I love the Honor Guard in the picture along side the beautiful job Michael did on the U.S. Map Stencil Project.

Link to U.S. Map Stencil and the World Map Playground Stencil for purchase.  We give a discount to Girl Scout Troops and Eagle Scouts for their projects to schools.

You can also Enter the U.S. Map Stencil Contest and win a stencil for free. 

Instructions for pain…