Lose Weight Together: City Wide Diet

Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer.

Have you heard? The Mayor Of Oklahoma City put his citizens on a diet? In order to bring attention to the issue of obesity, he created a website to help citizens of Oklahoma lose 1 million pounds together. The city is on the list of the Top Ten Obese Cities in America.

There are many initiatives such as helping push fast food's healthier options menu, working with "The Biggest Loser" as well as building trails for walking, hiking and biking. For schools they are building gyms.

Peaceful Playgrounds is an option many Oklahoma Schools have chosen through their Schools for Healthy Lifestyles Grant. Peaceful Playgrounds give schools the do-it-yourself tools to create an active recess and lunch environment for kids. Kids have over 100 game options to choose from and research shows kids are more active with the program.

If you are in Oklahoma you may also want to take advantage of the Fit Kids Coalition. The posters in their "Wake Up" tab are excellent. Not sure how to get copies of those, but something to look at.