Chefs + Schools + Kids = Healthy Eating

Contributed by Andrea Bossenmeyer

The Let's Move Campaign has started a new initiative called, "Chefs move to Schools" Initiative. There was a groundbreaking introductory event at the White House where hundreds of chefs from 37 States attended. The initiative is intended to help students learn where food comes from, and develop healthy habits. Ms. Obama said to the chefs, "You’ll be elevating the role of food in our schools, and working to create healthy meals on a budget…"

The number one issue facing schools right now is budget crisis...Pairing up with a local chef could assist schools in creating healthy and affordable meals. Buying from local farmers helps cut on costs, or an even better way is to create your own School Garden. The fruits and vegetables grown on site can supply your kitchen and there are grants and non-profit organizations dedicated to this movement right now.

If you are a school and want to find a local chef or a chef and want to find a local school to assist, view the map and connect.

View the video below. I personally love Rachel Ray, not only a pit bull and animal rescue advocate but also one for healthy eating in schools:

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