How to have a Peaceful Playground Webinar

Thank you to everyone that attended our last How to have a Peaceful Playgrounds Webinar! We had a great attendance. Here's a Question & Answer session from one of our schools.

Q: Approximately how many hours are needed to paint the playground markings?
This is a great question. There are many factors that vary the amount of time needed, such as: how many game markings are being added, how hot or cold it is on your paint day (drying time), or if you are adding color vs white boundary lines. A general rule of thumb is approx 1-2 hours to plan a rough draft of your layout. Then approx 4-6 hours with 6-10 adult volunteers.

Q: What is the training time for staff and students?
We recommend that you introduce the Peaceful Playgrounds research and philosophy by showing the staff our 12 min overview video. Typically this occurs at staff meeting in beginning of the school year.

The school staff can also attend a free Webinar entitled, How to have a Peaceful Playground. These webinars are offered twice monthly.

Once your school has made the decision to purchase the program then the Peaceful Playgrounds Kit contains the materials (powerpoint presentation, handouts and facilitator notes) for an hour training.

Other training options include our new on-line Peaceful Playgrounds course which takes about an hour to complete and concludes with a short quiz and completion certificate.

Research on program implementation indicates that the best training option is for us to send a master training out to your school site to offer a three hour on site training which includes a lecture and going outside to learn approximately 10 new games.

Another question we received at the webinar was when and how to teach the students the games? We recommend that the physical education teacher teaches students a game per day or a game per week.

An assembly or teachers teaching kids the conflict resolution skills will be a necessary part of the training process.

These implementation recommendations and other can be found in your Implementation Guide once you receive the program kit.

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