Disadvantaged Preschoolers Lack Motor Skills

We knew that disadvantaged urban preschoolers often arrive at school behind their peers academically. A new study also indicates that they arrive behind and lacking in basic motor skill development as well.

This is particularly important today as the childhood obesity epidemic continues to grow. Less skilled children are often less likely to try new gross motor activities fearing failure resulting in less active children.

One of the studies authors said it best, "These fundamental motor skills -- running and catching and throwing and kicking -- are the movement ABCs," Goodway said.

Or another way to look at it is, "If children don't learn the ABCs, they can't read. And if they don't learn basic motor skills they won't participate in sports or exercise. That's the problem we may be facing with the children in this study."

More on 86% of Disadvantaged Preschools Lack Basic Motor Skills.

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