Canned food: Just say, "NO!"

By Andrea Bossenmeyer

There are numerous scientists testing the effects of BPA in our food supply, and how it affects our bodies. The early research is suggesting that 92% of food from metal cans is contaminated with an estrogen-like chemical called BPA, or bisphenol A.

BPA has been linked to changes in prostate cells and increased aggression in animals.
The National Toxicology Program has said it has “some concern” that BPA alters development of the brain, behavior and the prostate gland in children, before and after birth, although more testing is going on to confirm this. Read more.

The study was called No Silver Lining. You can download the full report.

Clearly fresh fruits and vegetables are best! If your school district is using canned foods for school lunches, encourage them to find a local farmer (check your local farmers market) and strike a deal with them. Local food is usually cheaper because it costs less to transport locally than nationally or globally.

Canned food contains preservatives and with the recent concern of the "can" itself, clearly the safe choice is "Fresh is best!"

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