City Council Bans Private School Kids from Park

The "all or nothing" methods of problem solving never fails to amaze me. Here's the latest example. A private school in Maryland used the adjacent park for recess. It seems that preschool parents complained that the older school kids were taking over the park, playing inappropriately, and leaving trash.

The result was to ban the school kids from entering the park between 9-4.

Why not ask the school to increase supervision? Students who are supervised are less likely to leave trash or stand on infant swings as alleged.

Better yet, how long can recess last anyway? Does it make sense to ban the school from using the park when they most likely use it for only 30 minutes maximum per day. Isn't that what parks are for? Isn't more better in terms of park usage? How about suggesting to the preschool moms to avoid the park for 30 minutes a day during the lunch recess period?

Banning kids from the park all day everyday seems like an over reaction. What do you think?

Here's the article on the topic.